One More Challenge

The One More… Challenge:
When he was young, Gerry dreamed of three things…
One – Gerry has successfully circumnavigated the British Isles.
Two – Gerry’s biggest achievement to date was taking part in the OSTAR Transatlantic Race
Three – Gerry is now determined to take up the ‘One More…’ challenge and become the first deaf yachtsman ever to circumnavigate the world, non-stop… alone.
In 1969, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston became the first man to sail around the world single-handed, non-stop.
On 15th October 2005, he told BBC See Hear:
‘We know [Gerry] has successfully crossed the Atlantic. The next big hurdle for him is to do a circumnavigation. I don’t see any reason why he can’t.’
The project has two aims:

  1. To fulfil Gerry’s lifetime ambition to be the first deaf person to sail around the world single-handed, non-stop.
  2. To inspire young deaf people, by demonstrating that they too can overcome many of the obstacles they face in life.