Part autobiography, and part real life adventure - the story of a deaf young boy who battled against the odds to succeed.

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Gerry’s remarkable story is captured in his book ‘Bridging our Differences’. Part autobiography, and part real-life adventure, ‘Bridging our Differences’, tells the story of a deaf young boy who battled against the odds to succeed in the ultimate sailing challenge and much much more.

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Signed copy of Bridging our Differences, with personal dedication

Bridging Our Difference book and signed postcard by Gerry Hughes

Signed photo of Gerry Hughes arriving at Troon marina completing solo circumnavigation of the world.

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    “Gerry Hughes was the first deaf sailor to complete a solo circumnavigation of the globe starting and finishing in Troon. This achievement was the culmination of a lifetime’s ambition. Gerry’s book is a life-enhancing story of his overcoming the numerous hurdles which life put in his way.”
    Raymond Williamson (Former Lord Dean of Guild of Glasgow)

    Gerry S M Hughes - author of Bridging our Differences.

    “Reading Gerry’s blog brings back some cold, wet and uncomfortable memories. It is such a relief when you clear Cape Horn and turn north. ”
    Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
    (Excerpt from personal message to Gerry during his solo circumnavigation)