Full Circle

04 Mar 2015


Gerry and Stuart at the Clyde Cruising Club Lecture

Wednesday 4th March was a very special day for Gerry and Kay.  Stuart MacDonald gave a lecture to the Clyde Cruising Club (CCC) about his round the world adventure.

Gerry presented the Todrick Trophy to Stuart at the annual CCC Prize Giving on 22nd November 2014 but what many people did not know is that there is a very special story about Gerry and Stuart.

Gerry had been accepted to take part in the Original Single Handed Trans-Atlantic Race (OSTAR) 2005 but he had to find a suitable boat. He eventually found the boat he needed in Largs.  Kay and Gerry went to look at the boat but the owner as not available to meet them because he had gone sailing.

Gerry was really disappointed because he had to fly to Sweden the next day for the World Deaf Golf Championships. So, the next day, Gerry left for Sweden to play golf without having the opportunity to discuss buying the boat.  The Scotland team were successful and achieved third place but Gerry’s golf was not up to his usual standard.  Why? Gerry could not stop thinking about that boat!

Gerry was so relieved when Kay to him to let him know that the boat was still available.   They drove straight to Largs to meet the owner of the boat. The  boat was ‘Red Alert’ and the owner of the boat Stuart MacDonald! 

Gerry had to sell the boat after his adventure in OSTAR 2005 so he could start making preparations to sail round the world via the Five Great Capes.  After completing his solo circumnavigation in 2013, Gerry was awarded the Todrick Trophy from the Clyde Cruising Club.  Gerry explained:

“I was very proud to be awarded the Todrick Trophy.  The next year I received a letter from the secretary of the Clyde Cruising Club asking me if I would attend the annual dinner and prize giving to award the trophy to the next winner of the Todrick Trophy.  I could not believe it when I realized that the winner was Stuart MacDonald. It is marvelous – such a small world! It was lovely to meet him again and I felt really proud to be presenting the Todrick Trophy to him

Stuart’s lecture was great.  It was really interesting and I am sure everyone really enjoyed learning about his adventure.

Congratulations to Stuart and the Clyde Cruising Club for such a successful evening.”

More details about Stuart MacDonald are available at: http://www.beyondsailing.co.uk

Photographs courtesy of Clive Reeves, Clyde Cruising Club