Norway 20-22nd June 2014

23 Jun 2014

Gerry talks to the Pupils at Auglend School

Gerry and Kay were invited to Norway in June.  It was a very busy weekend!  On Friday 20th June, Gerry and Kay visited Auglend School and had great fun meeting the pupils and teachers.  They were amazed to see that all the pupils and staff (deaf and hearing) were signing and it was lovely to see deaf and hearing children enjoying themselves with no communication barriers.  On Friday evening Gerry gave a talk about this round the world adventure with Quest III.  On Saturday 21st June, Gerry and Kay were delighted to find out that they would be joining a group on deaf people on a boat trip in the Norwegian fjords.  The scenery was stunning. Gerry and Kay would like to thank everyone who made them feel so welcome especially Kenneth Ommundsen who organized the trip and worked very closely with their p.a. to ensure everything ran smoothly.  He even contacted their p.a. to let her know when they were safely on the flight back to Scotland.