Norm Bailey Past Commodore

29 Apr 2013


“I first met Gerry Hughes in 2005 in Newport for the Ostar. The RWYC race committee had returned to the UK and I was given the
privilege of finishing the remaining three boats. Quest ll finished (34 days, 4 hours).
Because Gerry had lost power and had no means to communicate.
Kay and Gerry's daughters who had arrived a day prior were at a Red Sox game up in Boston. I called them as promised, but Gerry had to wait
until the game was over to be properly greeted back at the Newport Yacht Club dock. I did my best to make him welcome. I know he enjoyed that ice cold bottle of Sam Adams.
Gerry, I wanted to tell you how proud we are of your accomplishment. Around, alone is not for everyone. You certainly are in a class without many numbers.
I don't know what you have in mind next, but let me know as I would love to follow along the blog.”
Semper Fidelis,
Norm Bailey
Past Commodore
Newport Yacht Club