WFD Board Meeting at Chile

01 Oct 2008

World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) held their Board Meeting at Santiago, Chile from Monday 29th September to Wednesday 1st October. The venue was hosted by the Association of Deaf People in Chile (ASOCH). Mark Wheatley took part in the meeting as a representative of EUD (Regional Co-operating partner of WFD). The meeting was really intensive and there were a lot of topics that were discussed, resolved and approved. One of the items discussed was the preparations for the World Deaf Congress at Durban, South Africa in the summer of 2011. The Board Members who took part in the meeting were: Markku Jokinen, Feliciano Sola Lima, Dr. Joe Murray, Colin Allen, Hanne Berne Kvitvær, Deborah Idyute, Johan Wesemann, Valery Rukhldev and Tomas Hedberg. Liisa Kauppinen and Knud Søndergaard took part as President Emertius and Minutes taker. Juan Angel de Gouvera, President of WFD Youth Section also attended. Regional Secretariats representative was Alexis Estibil for South America.

President of ASOCH, Nelson Weitzel Fernàndez and his team of volunteers have done tremendous job of taking responsibility of the delegates. The delegates really enjoyed home cooked Chilean cuisine at the centre in the duration of their stay.