Slovenia wins an an “Outstanding Accessibility 112” award

16 Feb 2009

Nadege Ridge

Nadège Riche, EDF policy officer awarded "Outstanding Accessibility 112" award to the representative of the Slovenian Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief for introducing the "WAP 112 call" to enable 112 calls for deaf people. The solution is constantly upgraded and other functionalities such as video calls are planned in the future.

The "WAP 112 call" is a solution that was introduced in the 112 Centre at Ljubljana, the capital of the Republic of Slovenia. Through this centre all WAP 112 calls from the territory of Slovenia are received. This solution is mainly meant to enable 112 calls for deaf people. The application is available on the 112 wap page: (Both Slovene and English languages).

From 1st February 2009, the application was upgraded with an automatic localisation from the caller through Slovene main GSM operator - Mobitel. Other GSM providers will follow suit.

The European Emergency Number Association (EENA), which promotes the use of the 112, the single European emergency number, organised the third 112 Awards Ceremony on 10 February 2009 in Brussels. This Ceremony intends to recognise and congratulate individuals and organisations, which have shown evidence of extraordinary behaviour, results or achievements in the use of 112.

For more information, please access the 112 Awards Ceremony website: or EENA's website: