Sign Language Interpreter Service in Belgrade

01 Apr 2010

The Belgrade City Organisation of the Deaf (Gradska Organizacija Gluvih Beograd, GOGB) is happy to announce the first Sign Language Interpreting Service.

This pilot project jointly funded by the Department for the Protection of Persons with Disabilities and GOGB offers free interpreting services to any Deaf person needing interpretation within the city’s boundaries. This includes people who are not residents in Belgrade. Interpreter Service Belgrade

The project aims to collect data to then establish a more permanent service for Deaf people in Serbia. So far, 110 people have used the service; two full-time interpreters and three freelance interpreters are currently working on the project. The Hungarian National Association of Sign Language Interpreters (JOSZ) organised a workshop in Budapest, which greatly contributed to the realisation of this project.

At the moment the Serbian government is preparing a sign language law and this survey is crucial to assess the actual needs of Deaf people – so if you used this service, please give GOGB feedback on their performance!


For the complete press release click here

For more information on GOGB, check out their website (also in English)

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