Media Profile

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TV Programmes



  • The Herald - ‘There is no need to mollycoddle the disabled, and this is the most encouraging thing.’ (Sir Robin Knox Johnston) August 1981
  • Her Majesty’s Coastguard - ‘ Courage with a capital C.’ March 1982
  • Clyde Cruising Club Journal – From The Commodore – ‘A splendid achievement in this Year of the Disabled.’ December 1981
  • The Herald – ‘Deaf student makes teaching history.’ June 1995
  • Sunday Times – ‘A Question of Sink or Sail ... The tide has finally turned for Gerry Hughes, the first deaf yachtsman to cross the Atlantic Ocean.’ August 2005
  • The Arran Banner – ‘Defying all odds.’ August 2005

Other TV Programmes

  • Scotland Today (STV) – ‘What is your Problem?’ Round the British Isles. 1981
  • See Hear (BBC1) – 25 mins – Circumnavigation outside the British Isles - 1981
  • Scotland Today (STV) – Transatlantic Oceans 2005
  • See Hear (BBC1) – 15 mins - First Deaf Teacher in Scotland 2004



  • Clyde Cruising Club Journal 2013 –- Todrick Trophy and Lifetime Honorary membership - for Gerry’s Log: a solo circumnavigation via the Five Great Capes
  • Clyde Cruising Club Journal 1982 – The Commodore’s Award - best cruise outside the West of Scotland, two-handed round Britain.
  • Yachting Monthly 1981 – Silent Voyage – circumnavigation outside the British Isles.
  • Clyde Cruising Club Journal 1980 – Ferrier Seamanship Trophy to Gerry and his crew in recognition of the seamanlike way in which they navigated and handled the yacht on this cruise – Channel Charter.
  • Clyde Cruising Club Journal 1979 – for their performance during this cruise Gerry and his crew received a Special Cruising Award – Channel Charter