March for 100% Subtitles at Köln, Germany

29 Aug 2008

After the 4th German Days of Culture Mark Wheatley, along with Alexander von Meyenn and the Board of DGB to lead the demonstration to demand 100% subtitling in German network television. The German Deaf Community are really fed up with the lack of response from the people responsible for subtitling as they only get 30% coverage as opposed to 100% coverage in the United Kingdom. They organised the march from the venue of the 4th Culture Days of the Deaf to the world-famous Köln Cathedral. Despite the looming bad weather, 7,000 Deaf people turned up to march to demand their right to receive 100% subtitling. The march was maintained by the police and it went very peacefully. Mark Wheatley, despite heavy rain, stood at the podium and gave a rousing speech to the audience. Afterwards there were lot of publicity about the demonstration and march which you can see in the following links: 

Mark Wheatley Köln March 

Mark Wheatley Speech