Implementation of Sign Language Legislation Conference on Fri 19 Nov 2010

07 Jul 2010

EUD conference poster

Dr. Ádám Kósa, MEP from the European People's Party, and the European Union of the Deaf would like to announce an exciting conference on the legal aspects of the implementation of sign language legislation in Europe.
It will take place at the European Parliament on Friday 19th November 2010. We are putting together an incredible array of speakers from various institutions such as the European Parliament and the European Union of the Deaf. At the end of the Conference, the Brussels Declaration on Sign Language Legislation will be signed by the participants. This declaration will be used as an important tool for our campaign to get sign language legally recognised at the European level.
EUD will also launch its book on sign language laws around Europe, which will be given to all participants. It will present up-to-date information on European sign language legislation. Just like the Brussels Declaration, this book will be a useful tool in achieving the recognition of sign languages not only at European but also at national level. Download the summary here.
Furthermore, the EUD 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner will take place on the 27th Floor of the prestigious Hilton Brussels Hotel with a panoramic view of Brussels.
Find the poster here.  
The total cost for the Conference and the Gala Dinner will be 80€ for all participants and the seating will be limited.

The complete programme will be launched in a few weeks - why not reserve your seat now?
To reserve your place please send an e-mail to: annika.pabsch(at)