History have been created today at the European Parliament by Deaf MEP Dr. Ádám Kósa

15 Jul 2009

Adam Kosa

In the European Parliament's official website there is a mention of Ádám's historic address:

For the EPP, newly-elected MEP Ádám KÓSA (HU) said he was deeply moved that as the assembly's first deaf member, he was able to use sign language. Belonging to the EU means that minority language users and people with disabilities can nonetheless achieve results, he said.
Only two weeks previously, the Slovak Parliament had passed laws restricting the use of minority languages, he added, urging Europe to guarantee full rights and opportunities for minorities and people with disabilities.


Source: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/expert/infopress_page/004-58190-195-07-29-901-20090714IPR58189-14-07-2009-2009-false/default_en.htm