Hello to everyone, from Gerry


Hello to everyone, from Gerry, onboard Quest lll

1st September

  • It's been a hell of a day! We've faced a tough sail through strong, fresh, facing winds, which meant we had to keep tacking port and starboard all time. Right now, my dream is just to get out of the Firth of Clyde and pass the Mull of Kintyre - something which seems impossible, with such strong winds and heavy seas against us.
  • About 2am  - At last, Mull of Kintyre on the right! It's a very chopping sea tonight; it's damp, cold and wet inside the boat and my oilskins are covered with salt water.
  • 06:30 - Decided to have breakfast - sausage and eggs with curried baked beans. Guess what? I forgot to collect the bread! Looking at the Navtex weather forecast, I can see new warnings of more gales on the way, coming in from the Atlantic Ocean. I can withstand it.

3rd September

  • Quest lll has battled against strong gusts of wind today - up to 28 knots; near gale force. We neared Tory Island on the port side after tacking. I remember on a previous trip, Tory Island was where Mark, Jeff and I arrived from Newport, USA. By that point, we'd run out of fuel and food, so we went to the only shop on the island to restock. I still remember, the first thing Mark picked up were his favourite cakes. I tried to buy sausages and eggs, only to discover that they didn't accept Visa cards, and we'd run out of cash! Dejected, we put everything back, but a few hours later they brought enough food and fuel to keep us going back to Troon and said we could pay them back when we arrived!
  • 14:00 - There is a full scale gale, but she's sailing beautifully. I reefed her up to 3rd and used a small jib, facing the wind and huge swells.
  • 20:00 - Discovered that a heavy swell had come over the cockpit. I thought I had lost my Danbuoy, as it had gone overboard, but I managed to pull it back.

4th September

  • What a difference! Everything is calm, though there is still a heavy swell, and the sun has come out at last. The inside of the boat is soaking wet all over and I've hardly had any sleep so now I am off to sleep. We are now near Galway Bay on the port side. Sorry I could not take a photo but I couldn't manage with just one hand for the camera and the other hand holding the frame. Maybe I'll have better luck some other time.