Four Deaf Parliamentarians in Europe!

10 Jun 2009

EUD would like to take this opportunity to announce that there are four Deaf Members of Parliaments around Europe. Never before in Deaf history, there are four at the same time in one particular area in the world. It clearly proves that sign language is no barrier in the world of politics. It will serve as an inspiration for all Deaf Europeans to follow their historical paths to serve their countries through their Parliaments.

EUD also supports their appointments and will continue to promote their work and show other countries about their remarkable achievements as a clear example to break down language barriers. 

They are:


Name: Dr Ádám KÓSA

Nationality: Hungarian
Party: FIDESZ - Hungarian Civic Union (Magyar Polgári Szövetség) is a large conservative and Centre-Right political party. It is a member of the European People's Party (EPP).

Elected in the European Parliament in 2009
Next election in 2014







Name: Helga STEVENS

Nationality: Belgian (Flemish)
Party: N-VA - New-Flemish Alliance is a Flemish centre-right political party. It is a conservative movement that strives for peaceful secession of Flanders from Belgium.

Elected in the Flemish Parliament in 2004
Re-elected in 2009
Next election in 2014






Name: Dimitra ARAPOGLU

Nationality: Greek
Party: LA.O.S - Popular Orthodox Rally or The People's Orthodox Rally (Greek: Λαϊκός Ορθόδοξος Συναγερμός, Laïkós Orthódoxos Synagermós), often abbreviated to ΛΑ.Ο.Σ. (LA.O.S.) is a Greek conservative populist/nationalist political party.

Elected in the Greek Parliament in 2007
Next election in 2011





NJarmerame: Helene JARMER

Nationality: Austrian
Party: The Greens - The Green Alternative (German: Die Grünen - Die Grüne Alternative, also called the Austrian Green Party). Apart from ecological issues such as environmental protection, the Greens also campaign for the rights of minorities and advocate a socio-ecological (ökosozial) tax reform. Their basic values according to their charter in 2001 are: "direct democracy, non-violence, ecology, solidarity, feminism and self-determination.

Is taking over Ulrike Lunacek's seat in the Austrian Parliament.

Next election in 2013