EUD supports the campaign to rescue Deaf Studies at Bristol University

13 May 2010

The European Union of the Deaf (EUD) supports the campaign to save Deaf Studies at the University of Bristol. As the representative organisation of Deaf people in Europe we strongly urge the University to continue this course.

The Centre for Deaf Studies (CDS) was the first centre to solely focus on Deaf Studies. In its 30-year history it has established itself as one of the best centres for Deaf Studies in Europe and the world. CDS provides a unique signing environment, allowing students to immerse themselves into Deaf Culture, and therefore increasing hearing society’s awareness of Deaf issues. For more information on CDS see

CDS is also a leader in deafness-related projects, such as REACH112, and has produced numerous videos in British Sign Language and International Sign to assist students in learning but also to provide access for Deaf people. Deafstation, for example, gives Deaf people the possibility to follow news in their first language. 

Closing the Deaf Studies degree will affect Deaf people in the UK, and all over Europe, as not only the number of qualified interpreters will decrease but also the number of people who are aware of Deaf issues and willing to work within the Deaf community and supranational organisation, such as EUD.

If you want to support the campaign, visit the website and sign the petition.

To download the full letter of support, please click here

Image Copyright: CDS